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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 20, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thoughtful of [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. optic white all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. 8:00 p.m. starts now. >>pam: a site that could rival the golden gate bridge, nasa is sending endeavor on all levels for a bay area landmarks. >> this is a big deal. no-space several residents of northern california before. >> kron4 tells you when and where to see it and what the
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chp says to do if you are in your car. >> just keep driving. >>pam: we start our coverage tonight with charles clifford. he is live at one of the prime viewing spots. he has more on the route. >>charles: right now i a.m standing in the marin headlands. it is a beautiful, clear night. hopefully it will stay nice until tomorrow morning. fog is predicted to roll into the bay overnight.
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>> the schedule could change based on weather and cloud conditions but if all goes according to plan they will have flyovers of the golden gate and bay bridges. the shuttle could be as low as 1,500 ft.. >> if you're thinking of coming to the headlines, this
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will be a great spot to watch endeavor. >>pam: the chp is warning drivers not to get distracted by the shuttle flies over. just this explains the concerns that officers have about the morning commute. >> it will be towards the end of the morning rush hour of the thousands of cars will still be on the road and they will be looking for people who are not looking at the road when they drive. >> we want people to be attentive to what they're doing. driving is a complex task.
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>> this chp will be looking for drivers taking pictures or for people sticking their heads out of the window. fines for stopping or distracted drivers are in the hundreds of dollars. if you would like to see the shuttle flight ever it is best to plan ahead and do it outside of your car. >>pam: grant lodes on the history of the masses now retired orbiter. >> and never was a replacement for the challenger. endeavor was the fifth and
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final massive shuttle. its first flight was 1992. its last flight was in may of 2011. this shuttle sped 296 days in space. and never traveled more than 122 million mi.. you can see it in the bay area for the first and only time on friday morning. >> excitement is building and all around the bay area as endeavour's finalist drug fight nears moffett field in mountain view. the tarmac is being cleared for the thousands of spectators who will be on the flight line to view the flyover. several astronauts will be a
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part of the special tribute honoring endeavor and honoring the folks at the nasa research center which have played such a key role in the shuttle program throughout all of these years. >>grant: in the bay area, and denver expected to come from sacramento. the science center will be opening early. the oakland hills should provide me the good use. the berkeley marina, indecent spot as well. fission's war, sausalito and christie feels, anywhere near the golden gate this thing is going to go over the golden gate and look into the pacific just a little bit.
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then, it is going to head inland down the peninsula. it will be an informal ceremony tomorrow morning. thousands are expected to watch this magnificat site for mountain view. >> in terms of the weather, ocean beach might be a little bit iffy. it does look like the fog is going to clear from places like oakland fairly early in the morning. here is a live look outside. no cloud cover in sight. it looks like the fog will be confined mainly to the clothesline. the morning lows tomorrow, both fifties.
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>> the incident happened just after 5:00 p.m.. the restaurant has already closed for the day. this part of the street was also closed because of the farmers' market. the suv driver is a vendor for this event. police say it appears as though he does not have a medical condition. they say he is being tested for drugs and alcohol. >> the johnson and driving the blazer was making a turn try to park the blazer, he jumped the curb and struck a pedestrian on a sidewalk. he pursued through the front of the business and tractor inside. the business was closed. she was under the car for about 10 minutes. >> you can see some people outside of the restaurant examining damage. the woman was taken to marin general with major injuries. if this would have happened early in the state police say
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the restaurant would have been filled with diners. coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m. we will speak with a liquor store owner who for the accident happened. >> it is just a phone. try telling them that. the iphone craze, that is coming up. >> the iphone 5 is almost here. it officially goes on sale tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.. people have been camping out for a couple of nights. i will tell you the best way to try to score in iphone tomorrow. >> san francisco is being called one of the dirtiest cities in america. if you think that is on theory might change your mind ftc what i found. >> and 11 year-old shot at almost 1:00 a.m.. he was in his home, in his bed. >> hear what investigators
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>>grant: as the phones come in, they will call you, if you can come in and pick them up. doing this should guarantee you they fall within a week or two. my advice, visit radio shack in a small strip mall of the way that does not get much foot traffic. feel if you really do not want to deal with lines but you do not want to wait and money is not an issue, you can go on ebay. there are hundreds of options
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with sellers promising fifth to ship howff fat free telephone set to arrive this friday. these options are going for over $1,500. that is six times as much as a low-cost in the store. >> as we look ahead to tomorrow, we have more 70 and 80 degree readings expected. the wind out of the north are very strong. they will stay that way into tomorrow. that will keep the fog for moving inland.
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>> the disturbance passes over its interest is to the east monday and tuesday. clear conditions for wednesday and thursday.
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>> decision 2012, the presidential candidates are california ballot. both are planning to fund raise in the bay area. some are governor romney will attend an event in hillsboro at historic strawberry hill. $50,000 with the dinner for two. the president's october 8th visit will mark his fourth time in the bay area since may. a new field poll shows that likely voters in california overwhelmingly favor the president over mitt romney. with the presidential election less than two months away, both candidates are to hitting the campaign trail heart.
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more on that the atomic bomb is trying to get out his message following the comments least. do not forget, you can watch the blue angels saturday october 6th with kron4 live coverage of fleetweek. >>gary: is tiger [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>pam: of their raiders of travel and leisure magazine are calling san francisco one of the dirtiest cities in america
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rating number 11 on the dirty lists'. >>maureen: this is a prime example of how grungy san francisco could be. if someone has dug their old matches after a couple of trash bags billing garbage. a few doors down the water and this planter looks like trash soup. some call pigeons rats with wings but at least they're cleaning up, picking apart old food left on the street. the worst smells i experienced were here in shannon alley. this is one of the sources. it is so gross, so i blurred the picture. this close to overflowing trash can is some evidence that people pick up after themselves but the ground around here is grimy with seven stains in
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cigarette butts. over here is some dry the splatter of unknown origin. to be fair, as i walked around i did see atp folks like this guy sleeping the sidewalks. the city says they are spending $32 billion this year in cleanup costs and that does not even include but this guy's salary. >> in new york city came in no. 1, norman's came in second followed by a baltimore and los angeles aren't fourth. san francisco is not the only be area city with a trash problem. stanley roberts has been in the east bay, we have more on what he found later tonight.
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supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. >> and 11 year-old is wounded during a shooting in oakland. sadly this is not the first time a young person has become a victim of violence in that city. how will have that story coming up serious >> mario romero was shot and killed by police of weeks ago. to his family is waiting for
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but and only >> there big holes here. the grandmother, the mother and baby sleeps here. the bullets were traveling in this direction and it went through the headboard here. they travel through this particular wally and on the other side, this is where he sleeps with his 16 year-old brother. >> i saw my brother come out quickly had blood on richard. >> his mother said he she will to find her bedroom filled with plaster dust from the bullet holes.
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>>will: de have any idea who would do this? >> haaziq madyun it has been following the police investigation into the shooting. >>haaziq: multiple gunshots fired in the middle of the night leaving the exterior walls of this home on bacon wrote covered with blowholes. oakland police say this violence shooting is not a random act. >> vista to the home was the intended target. >> investigators are looking into the motive behind the shooting, if it is gain related or retaliation, why was this house targeted.
8:33 pm
>> the older brother for the 11 year-old was also a loss for what his own was targeted. >> this is relatively very quiet neighborhood. this is a neighborhood that has come out to help the police. >> all police say there are following up with several leads in the case. >> our team coverage continues now. the 11 year-old boy is is one of several young children that have become victims of gun violence in oakland over the last 14 months. dan kerman has more on other victims. >> children ages 12 and under are getting caught in a crossfire. it is becoming more and more common. in the last 16 months we have seen the kids learn and three wounded. on august 8th boy was killed, hit by stray bullet during a drive-by shooting at 64th and
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international. on november 28th of last year, hiram lawrence was shot and killed when gunmen opened fire during the filming of a rap video at seventh and willow. three men have been charged with that murder. on december 30th of last year, gabriel martina's was shot and killed outside of his father's talk a truck at 54th aired international. police have released these sketches of male and female suspects that they remain at large. this year, the 12 and other -- 12 and under sheetings continue.
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>>pam: it has been nearly three weeks since a vallejo man was shot and killed by police, one of seven officers involved shootings this year. he was shot inside of his car. police say he reached for a gun but it turned out to be its elegant. today, his family rallied in front of the district attorney's office. >> no justice, no peace! >> they want justice for mario romero. the 23 year-old was a sitting in a car in front of his home. >> the way that they killed him, the way that they executed him, they murdered him. you do not treat an animal like that. >> his mother considers for signed a hero. more than two dozen shots rang
8:36 pm
out in the car. he covered the passenger but his body. >> i do not want my son's death to go in vain. recall >> the family wants the d.a. to file charges against the officers that killed their loved ones.
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>> they're charged with murder and attempted murder. >> the police department is out of control. someone has to step and and and make these officers accountable. >> lawyers tell us they're reaching out to the u.s. justice department to examine the police involved shootings that have happened in vallejo. >> temperatures raid tap warmer out there. inland valleys back into the '80s. we will continue to warm as we head into tomorrow.
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>> the president and the mitt romney are both looking for votes in critical swing states today. if you thought the flap over his secret of recording comments was over, thinking ahead. >> the big topic, not surprisingly, immigration. the president's visit included tough questions about a 2008 promise to tackle immigration reform. >> a promise is a promise they did not keep that promise. >> i did not make a promise that i would get everything done as president. i promised that i would work every single day as hard as i can't to make sure that everyone in this country regardless of who they are, what they look like or where they come from, that they would have a fair shot at the american dream.
8:39 pm
>> mitt romney spoke of the same form less eyes and his campaign is about the 100 percent in america as he deals with the fuss over secretly taped comments in which he seemingly dismiss the 47 percent who did not state taxes. in florida today, romney tried to get back on message. >> when it comes to the economy, the president has already thrown in the white flag of surrender. >> it has been a rough couple of weeks for mommy. now, he is losing one of the national cochairs for his campaign. the romney campaign is now planning a swing state blitz. the next big hurdle could be the october 3rd debate.
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>> this just into the kron4 news term. there has been a police officer involved shooting in san francisco. it happened less than an hour ago. the call came in a little over a half an hour ago at 14th and in it, if, basically the north emission just south of the central freeway in san francisco. there are no known details other than the fact that there was an officer involved shooting . we have a crew on the way and we will bring you updates as we get them. >>pam: the oakland a's win a game ball lose a pitcher. gary has that story straight
8:43 pm
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even outside. so you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. [ megan ] at&t u-verse: tv like you've never seen before. ♪ ♪ >>stanley: and typically, when you think of illegal dumping, you pick to someone's sneaking in and did a cover of darkness. an east oakland, things have changed. >> they will come in the middle of the day. they are brazen. >>stanley: this is a small-business owner. i have also spoken to residents who say enough is enough. they're tired of being dumped on almost every day. this pickup truck, the driver asked me if i knew where the dump was. keep in mind, there is no doubt the nearby.
8:46 pm
oakland is a beautiful city bus scenes like this could easily change someone's prospective. if the illegal dumping is on your property, you are responsible for the cleanup to have spoken to residents and business owners who say they have called the the garbage still remains. for the record, if i catch anyone in the process of dumping on oakland streets and guarantee your face will be plastered.
8:47 pm
for more information on how to stop illegal dumping, i have placed a link on my page. the >> temperatures were warmer out there today. the warming trend will continue until tomorrow. temperatures are back into the '70s and '80s but short-lived. here is a look neighborhood by neighborhood.
8:48 pm
along the coastline we're warming a couple of degrees. here is a book a your extended forecast. warmer tomorrow but a disturbance laws and to the bay area saturday and sunday. >>gary: the giants are moving in on the champagne time. today, bruce boce having some fun with alex smith. boce wore a 49ers hat. look at pablo sandoval.
8:49 pm
as long as you can hit, nobody cares. buster posey is in good shape and hit a home run, his 23rd. the giants won 9-2. the dodgers lost. >> it is not an alex smith jersey, but either way, we have to show support. they love us and we love them. would back them up all the way. support the squads. >>gary: here is what the oakland a's did to the rookies.
8:50 pm
they dressed them as wrestlers. the oakland a's are trailing detroit. >> the oakland a's win of the then-4. make that 12-4 for this final. they're now tied with the orioles for the playoffs.
8:51 pm
>>gary: dave danceable be moving on to his 11th market in 13 years are casting the minnesota tumbrels nba games. back to more alex smith. the story around these pots, a
8:52 pm
cheap shot, it looks like it. all the ended up with was a laceration on his nose. there was no fan of the call. " horse
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>>gary: their raiders and the steelers. several local television, the raiders are off to such a bad start. it will be locally televised. their raiders are going to be four point underdogs. the last time they met, roethlisberger was fined $25,000. >> we have to be able to come out and play with energy, play with passion. there obviously a well coached team. >> it seems like every year or every couple of years, you know it is one to the fist fight all four quarters.
8:54 pm
>>gary: camden, just walking in a room and putting on a uniform, no one looks better than him for the new era giants as a team took apart carolina. when we come back, is tiger woods intimidated by mcelroy?
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>>gary: tiger woods some rumbling on if he is afraid of michael roy. mcelroy shot 69. i a.m worried about those to getting along. we will see you at 11:00 p.m..
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